Hippogryph is a non-playable race in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. They are functionally similar to gryphons and visually appear like a color-shifted, golden gryphon. They are described as "A horse with the head of an eagle and giant wings. Able to fly with ease over rough terrain and changing elevations." They are typically found in the deeper levels of the Palace of the Dead, in the Air Temple, and more rarely in other dungeons like the Hanging Gardens.


Griffins (an alternate spelling is used in the series) are mythological creatures of mediterranian origin. As they were said to prey primarily on horses, a medieval expression, "to mate griffins with horses" or "to mate griffins with mares" was used to describe something thought to be exceedingly unlikely.

Hippogriffs were thought to be the result of breeding griffins with horses. They were thought to be exceptionally rare given the griffin's taste for horse, but were faster, stronger, and smarter than either of their parents. Ironically, they seem to have been easier to tame than a griffin.

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