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The Hand of the Pope is an organization introduced in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. They originate from the Holy Lodissian Empire. Their purpose is to establish High Priest Sardian as the maximum authority of Lodis and retrieve artifacts and apocrypha of power from across the world.

Unlike other organizations serving Sardian, such as the Brigade of the Radiant Cross, the Hand of the Pope operates with utmost secrecy. Intelligence operations, sabotage and espionage are their modus operandi. All of their members have a recognizable mark tatooed onto their hands.

While they were deployed to Ovis during the Reformation, it's not known what exactly their mission or actions there was. It is known that they recruited orphans of the war, such as Cybil Alinda, into the order.

During the events of The Knight of Lodis, the order came into the knowledge of the existance of the Longicolnis and the intentions of the Duke of Felis to obtain it for himself. The order sent Cybil and her subordinate Shiven Verde with orders to locate and retrieve the legendary spear. In the end, it was Alphonse Tartare, a young soldier from Lodis who assisted Cybil in her mission, who brought back the spear and swore allegiance to the High Priest, while Shiven and Cybil themselves dissapeared from Galius.

Their current status is unknown. It's possible that with the High Priest in power, they now dedicate themselves to dismantle the plots and influence of the Lodisian Senate.

Known Members[]

  • Cybil Alinda - A Sorceress serving the order. She was taken from Ovis and recruited at a young age. Disappeared from Galius after completing her mission to retrieve the Longicolnis.
  • Shiven Verde - A Ninja serving the order. Disappeared with his superior Cybil Alinda after completing the mission to retrieve the Longicolnis.
  • Alphonse Tartare - Temporarily assisted Cybil Alinda on her mission. Later in life he came to serve as Sardian's champion.