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Sprite(s) Hamen1 Hamen2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Ovis
"This is what's best for her. Now, give my Eleanor back to me."
— Father Hamen

Hamen, also known as Father Hamen, is the caretaker of Eleanor Olato in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Father Hamen ran a small church on the seaside of Solea. On a dark, rainy night he opened the doors of the church to find a small girl by the name of Eleanor Olato, who had ran away from her home of Sotavento. He took Eleanor in and treated her like his own daughter. But when Eleanor acted in a way that he considered rebellious he would often resort to physical violence to chastise her.

When Father Hamen found the young knight Alphonse Loeher washed up on the shores of Solea he refused to help him. Eleanor insisted that she be allowed to take care of him and Hamen relented to her wishes.

Not long after, Father Hamen revealed to Nichart Briffaut that Eleanor knew much about the mermaid with the golden scales. However, Karcist the dragoon of The White Fang Troops failed to accomplish his mission to capture her and died.

On a cliff of the volcano Aquila, Hamen, with the help of Rictor Lasanti, confronted Alphonse and Eleanor, cornering them. Father Hamen pleaded with Eleanor to return to him and slapped her when she refused. He was convinced that Alphonse had tricked her and was using her for his own ends. When his words failed, Hamen turned to Rictor and demanded that he use his military strength to take her back by force.

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