Godeslas Branic
Sprite(s) Godeslas1a
Gender Male
Age 52
Race Human
Nationality Palatinus
Class Vanity
Faction(s) Southern Division
Alignment Neutral
Element Wind

Godeslas Branic is a non-playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. He is the general of the Southern Division though he is unskilled and of low ranking nobility, instead using his connections to assure his position. He dreams of being transferred to the Central Division. Godeslas is Magnus' commanding officer throughout his stay with the Palatinean Army but becomes his enemy once Magnus joins the revolution. He is tempted by Baldwin Glendale's offer of the fruit of the netherworld and feeds it to his subjects and his family, dehumanizing them and turning them into demi-humans like goblins and ogres. The Blue Knights approach him at the end of Chapter 1 and he is killed in battle at Akka Castle after consuming the fruit.


Godeslas Branic Class Vanity
Level 8
Element Air Wind
Scene Liberation of Alba
Location Akka Castle
Reward Estoc
Swordicon Attacks
Row Attack Name Description # of Attacks Element
Front --- --- --- ---
Middle --- --- --- ---
Back Infest Winds from the Netherworld assault the enemy 2 DarkAir
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