Sprite(s) Glycinia1 Glycinia2
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Nationality Ovis
Class Fairy
Faction(s) Alphonse's Battalion
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Air Air
"It's really dangerous outside of the forest."
— Glycinia

Glycinia is a fairy and the sister of Lubina in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. She can be feisty when she does not get what she wants.


A hostile group of monsters surrounded Glycinia while she was out looking for her sister Lubina. The knight Alphonse Loeher's timely arrival saved the fairy before she could come to harm.

She asked Alphonse if he could help her find her sister, and he accepted graciously. She told him that her sister had ran away from their forest home because of boredom.

At Gracula, Glycinia caught the scent of her sister Lubina among a murderous horde of gremlins. After getting a closer sniff of one of the gremlins, Glycinia realized it was actually her sister. After some gentle prodding, Lubina revealed herself and cast off her gremlin disguise.

Glycinia scolded Lubina for leaving the forest but her naughty sister passionately expressed that she would not return to their home. Together they asked Alphonse if they could join his battalion and he approved.

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