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Sprite(s) Gawain1
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Hyland
Class Paladin
Faction(s) Sacred Xytegenian Empire
Alignment Lawful Lawful
"The Paladins duty is to guard laws and justice."
— Gawain

Gawain is a Paladin in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Gawain, along with the other Paladins of Hyland discovered that Rashidi was only after the power of the gods and the twelve Zodiac Stones, and had no interest in the well being of Hyland or the Sacred Xytegenian Empire.

When he informed Empress Endora of Rashidi's treachery she had Gares execute the entire paladin order instead. Gawain was among a small group of Paladins that were saved from the execution by a band of warriors from Fort Mattle. After his rescue, he journeyed to the Temple Shalina with the remaining Paladins to stop Gares and Rashidi themselves.

However, the Paladins all died fighting their way to the temple except for Gawain, who laid wounded in a Roshfel Temple. There, he implored the rebels to stop Rashidi before Diablo was summoned.

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