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Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Hyland
Class Dark Prince
Faction(s) Sacred Xytegenian Empire
Alignment Chaotic Chaotic
"See for yourself how weak your gods are!"
— Gares

Gares, also known as Prince Gares is the son of Empress Endora, in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. He is a black knight and only his glittering eyes can be seen through the slit of his helmet. Many doubt that he is still human and believe him to become an ogre.


Early YearsEdit

Gares was baptized in an old Roshfel Temple in a northern valley of Hyland. He was once considered a warm-hearted person before the great war but when Rashidi the sage started to manipulate Endora and the people of Hyland, he began his descent down the dark path. His humanity was said to be lost at the sake of an evil form of immortality.

Fall of XenobiaEdit

With the magic granted to him by Rashidi, Gares disguised himself as Ashe, the captain of the Xenobian Royal Guard, and assassinated King Gran of Xenobia.

Execution on AvalonEdit

Twenty five years after the death of the king, Prince Gares conquered the once neutral island of Avalon and had Monk Foris, the leader of the Roshfel religion confined. Publicly, Gares demanded that she surrender control of the temples to him, but in actuality he sought the location of Prince Tristan, who had escaped death at Xenobia Castle twenty five years prior. Foris refused to betray the prince or hand over the temples, as she only obeyed the commandments of the gods. Gares had her executed as an example of how the Empire dealt with those that refused them. Aisha, the daughter of Foris, confronted Gares in Amad and defeated him.

Falling Sky IslandEdit

With rebel uprisings sprouting up all over the Empire, Empress Endora ordered her son to take control of the Sky Island Shangrila and drop it on Xenobia Castle. Gares was successful in conquering the island but was defeated again by Tristan and Aisha. But like his defeat on Avalon, he was not truly dead.

End of the OrderEdit

When General Hikash failed to protect Xandu and died in battle, the Paladins of Hyland told Empress Endora that Rashidi only wished to manipulate them for his own gain. For their lack of faith, Endora ordered her son Gares to execute the entire order. While a few Paladins escaped, Gares executed the rest and sent monstrous duplicates of himself to fight off the advancing rebellion. When the rebels reached the mountain temple he was hidden in, he admitted the Empire's defeat but promised that he and Rashidi would still conquer the world.

Vanquished At ShalinaEdit

What was left of the being known as the black knight Gares was finally destroyed on the steps of the Temple Shalina.

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