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Free Battle, is a gameplay mode in Legend of Ogre Battle Gaiden: Prince of Zenobia unlocked after the main story has been completed.

In Free Battle, the player can revisit any of the maps unlocked over the course of the game, plus three new ones. Free Battle mode differs from the main game by the following:

  • There are no enemy units, but the rate of neutral encounters are greatly increased.
  • Enemies are scaled to 6 levels above the unit leader.
  • There is no cost to deploying units.
  • There are no tributes.
  • Liberating towns has no effect.

The new maps include the green Area 1, the snowy Area 2, and the desert Area 3.


Free Battle provides access to secret characters and classes.

Winning consecutive battles in Free Battle provides the following rewards. Leaving an area does not reset the counter, but retreating from a battle will.

Victories Reward
10 Yulia's Letter (required to recruit Gilbert)
20 A Gungnir class unit appears. Defeat to recruit.
30 A Trooper class unit appears. Defeat to recruit.
Deneb can now randomly appear. Defeat to recruit.
40 Lord appears. Defeat to recruit.

The remaining secret characters are unlocked by visiting certain locations in Free Battle under certain requirements.

Character Requirement
Lanselot With Reputation 60 or higher, and Tristan Alignment 55 or higher, visit Parna on the Satz Peninsula.
Warren With Reputation at 60 or higher, and Tristan's Alignment at 50 or higher, visit Estabul in the Wind Dunes.
Gilbert With Julia's Letter, visit Ryuk in the Netha Region.
Canopus Will randomly appear on any Free Battle map after Gilbert has been recruited. Defeat to recruit.
Ashe Visit Shielda at Megaholten* during the day.
Lyon Visit the hidden city of Gawafull at Megaholten* during the daytime, and he'll offer to join for 100,000 Goth.
Ares Will randomly appear on any Free Battle map. Defeat to recruit.

*Lawful Route only