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Sprite(s) Fogel1 Fogel2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Sky Island
Class Dragoon
Faction(s) Heaven
Xenobian Rebellion
Alignment Neutral Neutral
"Together we’ll fight and teach Rashidi not to defy the gods!"
— Fogel

Fogel, also known as Dragon Fang Fogel, is one of the Three Knights in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. He is a dragoon and master of the Sky Island Shiguld.


Dragon KnightEdit

Fogel was once a gifted knight who boasted of his strength. It was said that any of the distinguished knights of his time would be like a child against his might. He eventually became the strongest warrior on the earth, and yet still he sought more power, which led him down the dark path to the black arts. After mastering black magic, he sought out enemies all around the world and defeated them, as no creature, man or beast, was a match for him.

Curse of the Divine DragonEdit

On the Sky Island Shiguld, he heard a rumor that a Divine Dragon Bytalth made its home somewhere on the island. Fogel sought out the Divine Dragon, and battled it for seven days and seven nights. At the end of the last day he was victorious, but the people of Shiguld did not rejoice, but were terrified of what the dragon's curse would bring. As soon as the dragon breathed its last breath, the curse began to tear Shiguld into two pieces. Not only that, but Fogel's head was morphed into that of a dragon. Ever since he was cursed he wields the dark sword Zepyulos to serve the gods, in atonement for following the dark path.

The Ogre BattleEdit

Fogel was one of the Three Knights, alongside Slust and Fenril sent by the gods to stop the Ogre Battle. They were the saviors of humanity that pushed the ogres back into the underworld.

Rashidi Defies the GodsEdit

When the Empire found the Chaos Gates and a way to Shiguld, Fogel was charmed by Rashidi. Destin and the rebellion fought the charmed dragoon and defeated him, lifting the spell. In return, Fogel vowed to help stop Rashidi and joined the rebels.

Starting StatisticsEdit

Dragoon 21 230 177 58 155 50 148 63


Fogel can be found on the Shiguld stage. To recruit:

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