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Sprite(s) Fenril1 Fenril2
Gender Female
Nationality Sky Island
Class Dragoon
Faction(s) Heaven
Xenobian Rebellion
Alignment Lawful Lawful
"She is a beautiful knight with sadness in her eyes. I have never seen her smile."
— Description

Fenril, also known as Fenril the Ice, is the owner of the holy blade Brynhildr in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. One of the legendary Three Knights from the Ogre Battle Legend, she lives high above the earth on the sky island Organa.


Betraying the GodsEdit

During the first Ogre Battle where the gods sided with humans and the dark gods sided with the ogres, Fenril of the Three Knights was sent from heaven to earth to do battle. The ogres were defeated and sent to the underworld but humans continued to war against each other in their absence. This angered the gods and so they told their heavenly subjects to refrain from helping the humans ever again.

Fenril disobeyed the gods by giving humans her sword Brynhildr, a holy weapon that could be used to contact the gods. Because she did not follow the commandment of the gods she was sent to Organa, to be imprisoned and barred from heaven until the time when Brynhildr was brought back to her.

The Sword ReturnsEdit

Sage Rashidi used his black magic to find the Chaos Gates and charmed Fenril. Sometime later, Destin and the rebellion came to Organa to break her out of the spell and did so after defeating Fenril in combat. With the sword returned she was free to leave and decided once again to help humanity.

An OmenEdit

At the Temple Shalina, Rashidi seemed to know that the rebels would defeat him when he laid dying, and so Fenril pondered deeply about the meaning behind his words.

Starting StatisticsEdit

Dragoon 17 176 137 62 139 75 140 64


Fenril can be found on the Organa stage. To recruit:

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