The Faerie Lubina

The Faerie are a race of small winged humanoids, also called faries or fairies.

Fae are not gifted in hand to had combat due to their small size, and as such tend to prefer ranged combat, like archery or magic. Many Fae are mischivious in nature, often playing pranks on innocent people.

It is rare to see any Fae in combat, as most are a peace loving people, but when you do see them in combat, they tend to act as mascots for their comrades.

Ony a few have ever become mixed up in matters of humans and the world who's names were etched into history. Their names are Glycinia and Lubina.

See also Faerie (class) for information on faeries as generic combat units.

Overview Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

Unlike the original version, here Faeries are treated as a racial group instead of a class. They belong to the "Demi-human" or "Humanoid" group along with the Winged, Lizardmen, Lamia, Orcs, Gremlins and Pumpkinheads.

Faeries are fragile but speedy units, preferring magic over physicial combat. Despite this, they aren't very good magic attackers, lacking the specialized stats and skills of advanced units such as the Necromancer or Lich or unique characters such as Deneb or the Phoraena sisters. However, their speed makes them excellent support units, especially as a Familiar, thanks to their wide spell-list and racial skills.

Faeries have access to the Rogue and Familiar classes. Also, if a Faerie dies and turns into a Ghost or Skeleton, they can be further changed into a Divine Knight under the right conditions (all three changes mentioned are permanent).

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