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Sprite(s) Presance2
Gender Male
Race Human
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Fire Water Earth Air

The Exorcist is a generic male class in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PS). As their name hints, they specialize in eradicating and fighting Undead.

Recruitment Edit

Male units with 44 VIT, 42 INT, 44 MEN and Lawful alignment can be classed as Exorcists.

See Notable Exorcists below for special characters and their means of recruitment.

Overview Edit

  • Favored Weapon: Staff

The Exorcist is a basic male generic class. As their name hints, they're meant as a specialized undead-killer, however they also serve well as healers and general magic attackers.

During the early game Exorcists can be rather valuable to have in the party: They're the only class capable of using Exorcism, the only means to permanently kill off undeads, but can also use Heal and LightBow, giving them the capabilities of both a healer and a magic attacker, which coupled with their magic-focused growths mean they can make the best of the spells at their disposition.

By the mid-game they quickly start losing their luster. The Cleric gets Heal+ which targets an area instead of a single character, and the Priest class is generally better than the Exorcist. They're still useful for battles against undead, at least until the Angel Knight class and Starion spell are unlocked, at which point Exorcists become essentially obsolete.

Overall, it's a good idea to keep at least one Exorcist in the party (preferrably Presance who's automatically recruited early after clearing Krizar) as they're the only means to fight off undead for most of the game. Afterwards, they can still be used for stat training Lawful mages for the Warlock and Lich classes.

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