Europea Rheda
Sprite(s) Europea1a Europea2a
Gender Female
Age 26
Race Human
Class Centurion
Faction(s) Eastern Orthodox Church
Blue Knights
Alignment Neutral
Element Flame

Europea Rheda, also known as Europea, the Astral Knight, is a playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.


Unlike other Centurion, Europea has bright red hair, worn in a braid. With with a Buckler and a Blessed Sword, she wears white robes. Her unit contains two Paladin and two Freya.



Europea1 Class Centurion (Female)
Starting Level
Leadership Rank LegionBadge Legion Leader
Element Fire Flame
Carriable Items 2
Movement Type Plains2 Plains
PLCLevelup Statistic Increases Per Level
Hit Points Strength Vitality Intelligence Mentality Agility Dexterity
5 5 4 4 5 4 4
EquipmentIcon Equipment
Swords Full-Body Armor
BaldrSword Baldr Sword BaldrArmor Baldr Armor
Small Shields Helms
Buckler Buckler BaldrHelm Baldr Helm
PLCattacks Attacks
Row Name Description Attacks Element
Front Slash Slashes an enemy with her sword 2 Physical
Middle Slash Slashes an enemy with her sword 2 Physical
Back Slash Slashes an enemy with her sword 1 Physical

How to RecruitEdit

Magus speaks to the red-headed Centurion in Fort Hillverich of Vert Plateau. She agrees to head north into the Church to apprehend the unit holding it. Should she survive the treacherous trek, she joins the Palantian Revolutionary Army, with a medium to high Chaos Frame. She cannot be recruited if Magnus decides to lead his units toward Tremos Mountains (before Vert Plateau) or Captrium.

Returning to Fort Hillverich after visiting Tremos Mountains, a friend of Europea's parents, a rich maiden in a green gown, provides the Centurion with the Starry Sky, a buckler.

Trivia Edit

  • Europea SNES
    She looks remarkably similar to the female Opinion Leader from Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, save for the fact that she lacked a robe in that game. More critically, her hair color, hairstyle, eye color, and weapon of choice are virtually identical to her counterpart from the original game. It hasn't been officially confirmed whenether or not both characters are the same.
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