Sprite(s) Euphaire1 Euphaire2
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality Ovis
Class Shaman
Faction(s) Alphonse's Battalion
Alignment Chaotic Chaotic
Element Fire Fire
"There are many things I must share with people...things I learned from her..."
— Euphaire

Euphaire is the daughter of Elrik in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


The daughter of the summoner Elrik, their hometown of Blete was burned to the ground by Lodis during the reformation. She lost her mother two years later when she was killed by bandits.

Her father grieved his wife's passing and used a spell to bind her soul to Euphaire's body. Euphaire remained inside, at first happy to be reunited to be with her mother but later horrified to realize that she was neither dead nor alive and devoid of a heart. She tried fighting with the spirit of her mother but could not break free on her own.

Elrik left to further research spiritual transference, leaving her to haunt the burned out village of Blete like a ghoul, her mother's soul always looking for another living person to welcome to the cold embrace of death.

Eventually her father returned with Alphonse Loeher and his battalion in tow. They defeated Euphaire, releasing her mother's spirit so it could find rest. Euphaire and her father then joined Alphonse on his quest.

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