He is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. He is encountered shortly after meeting Xapan in the Lawful route. He can be a boss later, but he can be killed the first time he is met. If he is killed, Daesi Apollinaire will replace him in Coritanae Keep, where he would have been a boss.

Warren Report ExcerptEdit

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was a close associate of Hierophant Balbatos, and one of his most trusted commanders. He also played a large role in carrying out the blood war. He openly stated his opinion that the Galgastani are superior to other peoples, and was particuarily savage towards non-Galgastani on the field of battle. He slew any opponent of the current regime without mercy, and was called "Bloodletter" as a result. He was killed by Resistance forces while en route to Coritanae Keep after the battle of the Psonj Weald.

In Battle Edit

Gatialo can be a bit difficult the first time you play through the game and the first time you see him, as he is 2 levels ahead of the player's highest level, can deal more damage than the other units, and will actively attack any player units in his way of escape. To make things more difficult, he is aided by a good amount of Clerics and has decent defense. There are two strategies of dealing with him.

Strategy 1: Kill Gatialo: Ideally, the player may want to avoid him on their first time, but if they want to kill him, take down the target Cleric, Wynoa. If she is killed while he is on the field, the objective will change to kill him. Fortunately, he will stop running, and will charge the player's army. Just put a high defense Knight (ideally with Phalanx) in front of him and use Archers to take him down. You get a title for this, but, unless you have played the game before, don't attempt to kill him until you get the WORLD option. Otherwise, go to town on the racist.

Strategy 2: Let Him Run: If you want him to run, just avoid him and keep to the middle or right, as he runs straight to the left. The problems with this strategy are that you need to let Wynoa live longer (which gives her time to throw more grenades at you) and he comes back later, but he won't run and he's not surrounded by survival masters (Clerics). This may be more beneficial if the player wanted to grow to defeat him, and you also get a title for it. Although, you will miss Daesi Apollinaire's fight, which isn't too difficult, considering how she's just a Knight and Gatialo is a Terror Knight.

In the end, Gatialo can be tough for newcomers and easy for players who have unlocked the WORLD option or have an easy understanding of killing him.

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