The Dragoon is a playable class in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.

Recruitment Edit

Male human units with the Dragon Scale emblem, 215 HP, 109 STR, 94 AGI, and Neutral or Chaotic alignments can be classed as Dragoons. Recruitable enemy Dragoons can also appear in the following locations:

  • Solea (Path A/B, Battle #10)
  • Haena (Path B, Battle #15)

Overview Edit

  • Favored Weapon: Spears, Swords.
  • Favored Armor: Heavy Armor.

The Dragoon is a male-only class. They're one of best frontline classes thanks to their tankiness (comparable to the Knight's) and great damage potential. They're can also use Missile-type elemental spells, but their INT growths are so low that they might as well never use magic.

Their highlight is their dragon-killing passive, which increases the physical damage dealt to Dragon-type units and gives them a chance to deal Instant Death to them with basic attacks; the latter displays as a special 'finisher' attack animation. Untested: It may be possible that this only applies when equipping Swords or Spears.

Dragoons are one of the two classes specialized in Spears, which gives them three excellent weapon options by the late-game: the Zephyr, Longicolnis and Brionac (while weaker, has a chance of Instant Death on hit); this also makes them a prime candidate for Clotho, along with the Valkyrie and Hawkman. With swords they get even more options, like the Oracion and the potentially game-breaking Snapdragons; as for the Atropos skill, they're great candidates, but it may be better given to a Swordmaster or Knight.

Their only real downsides, besides terrible magic potential, are their low AGI growths, and requirements so high they're likely to become available as late as Chapter 3 (Winter) unless the player grinds constantly.

It's advised to have at least or two Dragoons in the team, both for their tankyness and overall better performance compared to the Knight, and for their dragon-killing skills. This is also one of the recommended classes for Alphonse Loeher.

Statistics Edit

KoL-DragoonPortrait Stats Growth
HP 6 ~ 8
KoL-Dragoon MP 2 ~ 2
Emblem Dragon Scale IconDragon Scale STR 5 ~ 7
Element KOL Wind Element IconWind KOL Earth Element IconEarth KOL Fire Element IconFire KOL Water Element IconWater INT 3 ~ 4
Move 7.x KOL Move Walking Icon KOL Move Wading Icon AGI 4 ~ 6
215 HP, 109 STR, 94 AGI, Neutral / Chaotic ALI
Skills & Magic Slots Magic Type
-- Magic Slot -- KOL Wind Magic IconWind Magic [Missile]

KOL Earth Magic IconEarth Magic [Missile]
KOL Fire Magic IconFire Magic [Missile]
KOL Water Magic IconWater Magic [Missile]

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