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Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria
Sprite(s) Dolgare1a Dolgare2
Gender Male
Race Human(formerly)


Nationality Bakram
Class Dark Element
Faction(s) Kingdom of Valeria
Alignment Chaotic
Element Dark

Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria, also known as King Dorgalua, is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

A Bakram who once ruled the Kingdom of Valeria. He united the scattered dominions of Valeria through his great vision and public favour. Upon becoming king he sought to end hostilities between the various factions. He left no successor, and war soon broke out in Valeria following his "death."

Dorgalua's Great War

Full article: Dorgalua's Great War

After the death of Lord Clemont of Barnicia to militants, the already-precarious peace between the varied lords of Valeria faltered. After a long, drawn-out war marked with several cease-fires, the rebel forces led by Dorgalua defeated Lord Rodrick and claimed dominion over the new kingdom of Valeria.

After the War

Dorgalua commissioned the Hanging Gardens as a loving gesture to his wife, Vernotta. The Gardens were, not coincidentally, build over Dragon Lord ruins containing a Chaos Gate to the Abyss. He appears to have led a rather debauched life in the Gardens, drinking heavily, feasting with his knights from the War, and enjoying the company of women.

Decline and Disappearance

Dorgalua had an affair with one of Vernotta's handmaiden, Mannaflora, which resulted in a child, Versalia. Mannaflora was spirited out of the court when Vernotta discovered Mannaflora's betrayal.

Vernotta soon became pregnant, herself, with a son. The son was born, but did not live long. After his death, both Dorgalua (who was quite aged at this point) and Vernotta became despondant, and Vernotta soon died of grief.

Following the death of his Queen, Dorgalua prayed to the heavens for their reincarnation, but his prayers went unanswered. Enraged, he swore to draw on the power of the Dark. He crafted a plan in which he would enter the Gate in the ruins below the Gardens and become powerful. Because the gate would lock behind him, he arranged for his most trusted servant to reopen the Gate soon after he entered the Abyss. However, his plan was found out by an unknown member of the court, and his trusted servant was murdered before the gate could be reopened.

Dorgalua, who had "successfully" been turned into an Ogre , was trapped in the Abyss and presumed dead.

Reappearance and Death

Seeking the same power Dorgalua had, years before, the Dark Knights Martym Noumous and Barbas Dahd Geuse stole the holy sword Brynhildr from the Kingdom of New Xenobia and used it to reopen the gate. Dorgalua reentered the world of men, intent on taking it over, but he was slain by Denam Morne.

Family and Relationships

Dorgalua was married to Vernotta Eltynaha Oberyth, with whom he had a son who died in childhood. He had an illegitimate daughter, Versalia Oberyth, with one of Vernotta's handmaidens, Mannaflora Befonda.

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