The war that led to the creation of the Kingdom of Valeria is known as Dorgalua's Great War. The exact duration of the war is unclear; while the Warren Report claims in an overview that the war lasted for fifteen years, the total elapsed time of the two periods of war and the month-long cease-fire are only a little over nine years.

Dorgalua's Great War serves as the precursor to the Heim Conflict, which comprises the events of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Before the WarEdit

The Valerian Isles were divided into five kingdoms: Barnicia, Phidoch, Almorica, Coritanae, and Brigantys. The political situation was fluid and each kingdom came in frequent conflict with their neighbors, but the conflicts had stayed relatively minor.

The Beginnings of the WarEdit

Dorgalua's Great War began without the involvement of Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria himself. Lord Clemont of Barnicia was assassinated in a coup attempt by armed militants. Phidoch seems to have tried to take advantage of the situation and declared war on Barnicia and Almorica. Coritanae, allied with Almorica, was soon involved.

The First PeriodEdit

Phidoch's attack on Coritanae pulled Brigantys into the war as an ally of Coritanae. Upon Brigantys' entry to the war, the war reached a stalemate.

Count Orlandeau of Coritanae was killed in battle, and Coritanae fell under the sway of Brigantys. During the stalemate, Brigantys had been secretly supporting rebels in Barnicia. The rebels, led by Dorgalua, had formed an army and this army set upon Phidoch.

Phidoch was unable to sustain a two-front war against both Brigantys on the West and the rebels on the East, and quickly fell.

The first period of war lasted eight years.

The IntermissionEdit

Dorgalua and King Rodrick Desmoria of Brigantys agreed to a truce, but the terms were uneven. The truce did not last more than a month.

The Second PeriodEdit

Rodrick and Dorgalua would fight for over a year. In his desperation, Rodrick used the power of the Apocrypha in battle, indiscriminately destroying Dorgalua's armies, his own armies, and anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the radius of destruction. Although many in Valeria credit Dorgalua's victory with his wisdom and favor, it was a low bar; the Forbidden Magic so lowered morale on the Brigantys side that Rodrick was deposed and killed by his own people.

The Aftermath of WarEdit

Dorgalua's victory united the islands into the first Kingdom of Valeria, and the islands experienced a brief "Golden Age."

However, atrocities committed during the war left lingering wounds and resentments. King Ramonica of Phidoch, a Bakram, oppressed the Walister during the war, and these resentments would fester, eventually contributing to the Heim Conflict.

Possible InfluencesEdit

Dorgalua's Great War appears to be modeled on World Wars I and II, and many details of one or the other (conflict begun by assassination, secret alliances pulling in more sides to a conflict than anticipated) translate cleanly.

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