Dievold Obdilord
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Sprite(s) Desbordes1 Dievold2
Gender Male
Birthplace Brigantys
Race Human
Nationality Galgastan
Class Terror Knight
Faction(s) Denam's Order
Alignment Chaotic
Element Earth

Dievold Obdilord is a playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Dievold was a solider of Galgastan who was put to death by Hierophant Balbatos as an example of what would befall those who opposed him.

He was brought back from death by his father, Nybeth Obdilord five days after his execution, however his body was unable to be salvaged and his head was placed on a suitable body for the soul-fetch spell used to bring him back.

He is encountered by Denam's Order in Port Asyton while attempting to take a ship with his Sister, Oelias Obdilord, to track their Father down in Banhamuba.

When Denam and his soldiers arrive in the Port, Dievold and his sister are under attack by Nybeth's undead creations, including a zombified Sir Gildas.

After the pair is rescued, they ask to join Denam's Order to go after Nybeth together in order to put an end to his evil practice.

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