PSX Map Name Diaspola
SNES Chapter Name Crimes
SNES Map Name Diaspola
SNES Revisit Name Diaspola
Size 3x3 (Medium)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Thunder
Boss Norn

Diaspola is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. A prison to hold dissenters, this region is governed by Norn.

History[edit | edit source]

Located to the west of the Island Avalon, the lands of Diaspola were known for the medicinal honey from their Golden Beehives. It was also once a trade route between Xenobia and Malano. But when the Holy Xytegenian Empire conquered the region it became a prison for political activists and dissenters. The Roshfel Monk Norn was demoted and sent to Diaspola. After hearing of the rumor that her lover Debonair was murdered in Zenobia, she rounded up the Empire's forces in the area to seek revenge upon the heads of the Xenobian Rebellion.

Locations[edit | edit source]

SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Poache Poache
Towns Walled City Ajan
Temple City Alkyshon
Magician's City Anglem
Self-Ruled City Me'Mak
Industrial City Pelegue
Trade City Raloshel
Trade City Rimorge
Walled City Romorantan
Trade City Somyul
Fortress City Ajan
Holy City Alkyshon
Magic City Anglem
Independent City Me'Mak
Industry City Pelegue
Trade City Raloshel
Trade City Rimorge
Fortress City Romorant
Enemy Base Diaspola Diaspola
Roshian Temples 4
Hidden Towns Ajan
Hidden Temples 1

Shop[edit | edit source]

Trade City Raloshel
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Potion CURE 400 Goth
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
7 League Boots BOOTS 3000 Goth
Golden Bough BOUGH 50000 Goth
Golden Beehive BEEHIVE 70000 Goth

Enemy Units[edit | edit source]

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Impicon.png Imp Lvl 11 Ghosticon.png Ghost Lvl 11  
Clericicon.png Cleric (Leader) Lvl 12     Berserkericon.png Berserker Lvl 11
    Berserkericon.png Berserker (Leader) Lvl 12  
  Impicon.png Imp Lvl 11   Berserkericon.png Berserker Lvl 11
Wyrmicon.png Wyrm Lvl 11   Ghosticon.png Ghost Lvl 11  
Deployed 3 2
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit   Clericicon.png Shaman Lvl 11 Knighticon.png Knight Lvl 11  
Wizardicon.png Wizard Lvl 11     Wizardicon.png Wizard Lvl 11
  Hawkmanicon.png Eagle Man (Leader) Lvl 12    
Wizardicon.png Wizard Lvl 11     Knighticon.png Knight Lvl 11
  Clericicon.png Shaman Lvl 11 Wizardicon.png Wizard(Leader) Lvl 11  
Deployed 3 3
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit       Houndicon.png Hellhound Lvl 11
  Blackdragonicon.png Silver Dragon Lvl 10 Beastmanicon.png Beast Tamer (Leader) Lvl 12  
Knighticon.png Knight (Leader) Lvl 12     Houndicon.png Hellhound Lvl 11
Deployed 3 3
Unit Seven Unit Eight
Unit   Blackdragonicon.png Dragon Lvl 11 Amazonicon.png Amazon Lvl 11  
      Samuraiicon.png Samurai Lvl 11
Blackdragonicon.png Dragon Lvl 11   Samuraiicon.png Samurai (Leader) Lvl 12  
      Samuraiicon.png Samurai Lvl 11
Witchicon.png Witch (Leader) Lvl 12   Amazonicon.png Amazon Lvl 11  
Deployed 2 3

Boss Unit[edit | edit source]

Unit   Gianticon.png Titan Lvl 11
Clericicon.png Norn (Shaman) (Leader) Lvl 12                                   
  Gianticon.png Titan Lvl 11

Events During Stage[edit | edit source]

  • Liberate Somyul to speak with Posha, provided the player's Opinion Leader has an Alignment of 55+ and a Reputation Meter 40% full or higher. She will ask a favor, answer "Yes" to continue the quest, or "No" for a decrease in reputation. If the player answered "Yes", send a unit northeast of Pelegue to a hidden Roshian Temple to discover the fate of her father. The monks there will give the player the Golden Beehive (BEEHIVE). Return the Golden Beehive to Posha at Somyul to receive a Sentoul Demon (DEMON). This retrieval quest must be done if the player seeks the World Ending.
  • After defeating Norn the stage boss, she will ask the rebels to end her life, but only if you have a high reputation. Answer "No" to spare her life and she will join the rebellion. Answer "Yes" to kill her and receive a decrease in reputation.

Events After Stage[edit | edit source]

  • Revisit the town of Anglem to speak with Borgnine. He is seeking Sentoul Demon statues, and will offer you items in exchange for them. This is repeatable for however many Sentoul Demon statues the player possesses. This is the order in which he will offer:
  1. 10,000 Goth
  2. Undead Staff (STAFF)
  3. Stone of Dragos (DRAGOS)
Note: Refusing Borgnine's offer will result in a small loss of reputation. Because the offer is repeated at each visit, this can be exploited to drop reputation points quickly.
  • Answering "No" to Posha's question will result in a large reputation loss.

Neutral Encounters[edit | edit source]

Class Angelicon.png Angel
Level 11
Found Deepsea2.png Deep Sea
Class Gianticon.png Ice Giant
Level 10
Found Darkmountain2.png Dark Mountain
Class Blackdragonicon.png Silver Dragon
Level 9
Found Darkmountain2.png Dark Mountain

Buried Treasure[edit | edit source]

A red X marks the location of each buried treasure.

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