"Ogre Battle was the final war between good and evil, man against demons."
— Tarut

The Demon is a class in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. A practitioner of black magic and a tempter of mortals, the demons are an enemy of mankind.


Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenEdit

Demons are the denizens of the underworld and compose part of its armies. The demons were led against humanity during the Ogre Battle. Often contracted by humans, Sage Rashidi used the power of the Black Diamond to form a contract with an underworld general and demon, Galf.


Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenEdit

The Demon has the appearance of a red, winged humanoid with a terrifying face and horns, wielding a scythe. An upgraded Imp, the Demon is a powerful asset in either the front or back row with its well rounded stats. The Demon also can be used to give a unit full of small characters the Low Fly movement type.


Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenEdit

Impicon Demon Shieldicon Resistances
Requirements Level 10, Cha. 50+, Ali. 0-40 Physical 47
Size Small Fire 40
Leader Yes Cold 49
Recruit Imp, Wizard Lightning 44
Movement Type Low Sky Black 65
Deployment Cost 660 Goth + (140 x level) White 25
Upokay Statistic Increases Per Level
Hit Points Strength Agility Intelligence
6-10 3-5 3-5 3-5
Swordicon Attacks
Row Description # of Attacks PSX Name SNES Name Element
Front Slices an enemy with his scythe 2 Slice Chop Black
Back Casts a black magic cloud on his enemy 2 Nightmare Nitemare Black
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