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Left to right: Dark Knights Oz, Ozma, Barbas and Martym

The Dark Knights Loslorien are a small group of elite commanders serving as agents of the Holy Lodissian Empire, as well as the eyes and ears of its leader, Pope Sardian .

Involved with many dark deeds such as spying and assassinations, they are well respected in Lodis, not to mention feared abroad.

They were deployed to Xenobia with orders to steal the holy sword Brynhildr from its owner, the current ruler of Xenobia, Pheryx Tristan Xenobia, which they succeeded in doing with ease. In turn, King Tristan sent an elite group of his own in an undercover mission recover the holy sword.

They were later deployed to Valeria for two reasons: the first being a secret treaty with the Bakram leader, Brantyn Morne, to act as a cover story for their activities; the second, and their actual reason for deployment, was to occupy Valeria and retrieve the power that slept there, sealed by a Chaos Gate. This mission was thwarted by Denam Morne and the Resistance.

At the end of the Heim Conflict, their numbers have been severely crippled, with the only three surviving members fleeing to an unknown location; it's possible that they too might be scheming against their rulers.

As a testament of their power, almost all members hold the rank of Knight Commander, with the sole exception of their leader Lanselot Tartaros, who holds the higher rank of Death Templar.


Current Members[]

Former Members[]

  • Hobyrim V. Rahms (expelled from the Dark Knights, later joined Denam's Order)
  • Oz Moh Glacius (slain in battle against Denam's Order)
  • Ozma Moh Glacius (either defected to Denam's Order, was slain in battle by them, or was rendered comatose from an alleged accident)
  • Martym Noumous (rebelled against Lodis, later slain by Denam's Order)
  • Barbas Dahd Geuse (rebelled against Lodis, later slain by Denam's Order)
  • Andoras Gaffryn (rebelled against Lodis, later slain by Denam's Order)