Sprite(s) Danika1a Danika1b Danika1c
Gender Female
Race God
Class God
Faction(s) Netherworld
Alignment Lawful
Element Earth

Danika is a non-playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.

The Legend of DanikaEdit

A demi-goddess, she was born to the earth goddess Berthe and a human king.  Gifted with the power of fertility, she blessed the land ruled by her father.

One day, however, she was abducted by Demundza, a god of the netherworld.  Her parents' sorrow was such that the land turned cold and barren, but when their tears dried they resolved to get Danika back.  Berthe opened the gate to the netherworld, and descended into the unearthly realm to which her daughter had been taken.

There, Demundza demanded that Berthe bless the netherworld, in exchange for her daughter's return.  Berthe accepted the offer, and blessed the barren soil of the netherworld.  But when the king and Berthe were reunited with Danika, she had already eaten a pomegranate, the accursed fruit of the netherworld, and promised herself to Demundza.

Taking advantage of Berthe's blessing, Demundza built up his armies and began the invasion of the overworld, which came to be known as the Ogre Battle.  Danika, meanwhile, was unable to return to the heavens, for she had become a being of the netherworld.

Feeling pity for their daughter, Danika's parents divided her sleeping body into five parts, and confined her torso and soul deep within the earth.  Her four limbs became the Knights of Danika, powerful beings which stood guard over her.  Eventually the king died, and Berthe ascended to the heavens, while the story of Danika faded into legend and her tragic fate was largely forgotten.


During the events of the Palatinean Revolution, the witch Zeda Libeiro and others conspired to resurrect Danika, using the body of prince Yumil Dulmare as a vessel.  The conspirators were all slain before they could claim the power they sought from the demi-goddess, but their negative thoughts caused Danika's netherworldly nature to take control, and her power threatened to destroy the land.  In the end, Magnus Gallant put a stop to Danika's rampage, letting her divine nature take control again, and she was finally able to ascend to the heavens once more.

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