She was a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, and only appears if Dukas Windelband Gatialo was killed the first time he is seen. She also seems to understand what a certain Galgastani did.

Warren Report ExcerptEdit

A Galgastani who served her clan in battle. House Apollinaire is a noble family related to the former Lord of Coritanae, Count Orlandeu. For generations they have held seats in the House of Nobles, wielding great power throughout the region. Daise Apollinaire, youngest daughter of the current family head, favored warfare over politics, eventually attaining the rank of commander. Galgastani commanders are charged with leading several legions of men, and are second in rank only to high commanders. Daise was well suited to the role, demonstrating decisive leadership and superlative combat skills. However, she perished attempting to fend of Denam's assault on Coritanae Keep.

In Battle Edit

Daesi isn't too tough. She's just a named generic Knight, the problem is killing Gatialo before fighting her. Of course, if you have the WORLD option available, it should be easy. While she is accompanied by some Knights, Archers, and mages, it shouldn't be too difficult. Besides, if Daesi is participating, the enemy has one less Terror Knight.

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