Cybil Alinda
Sprite(s) Cybil1 Cybil2
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality Lodis
Class Sorceress
Faction(s) Hand of the Pope
Alphonse's Battalion
Alignment Neutral Neutral
Element Air Air

Cybil Alinda is a sorceress of Lodis in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Born on the island of Ovis in the town of Blete, Cybil watched her parents burned alive during the reformation, when Lodis forces razed her village. She was sent to Galius and was trained to be a priest. She eventually joined the Hand of the Pope and had the mark of the order tattooed on her hand. The Hand of the Pope sought to restore the power of the pope and also to retrieve artifacts and apocrypha of power scattered across the world.

When the order learned of the Spear of Longiculnis, the black horn of the fallen angel Shaher, Cybil was sent to Ovis to retrieve it. While she preferred to work alone, she was accompanied by the ninja Shiven as a subordinate to help her on her mission on Ovis.

At Formido Fortress, Cybil freed the young knight Alphonse Loeher from his chains in return for his service. She ordered him to find out more information on the spear and follow the lead that it might be at the Mermaid Sanctuary. She had heard from a fisherman that one way to draw the mermaids in was to capture one and wound it so that others came to its rescue. Cybil told him to do exactly that but Alphonse disagreed with the method and sought out an alternative.

When Alphonse returned with the information on the spear, Cybil relieved him of his duties to her. However, the young knight decided to follow her of his own free will and from then on she considered him an equal.

At a shrine near the cavern of the mermaid Berevra, Alphonse picked up a mysterious object out of the sands and told Cybil to spread the rumor that he had found the spear, and she did so.

During their travel through Haena Pass on the way to Ostorea, she told Alphonse that she needed to go off alone to look in on a matter while she was still on Ovis. It is assumed that during this time she ascertained that Eleanor Olato was in truth her sister, although she kept this fact to herself.

When she rejoined Alphonse after the events of Ostorea Castle they tracked Naris Batraal to Charadrius where they defeated him and retrieved the spear. Working their way into the depths of the Angel's Headstone they used the spear to pierce the shield of the Sacred Demon Shaher. Cybil watched helplessly as her sister Eleanor sacrificed herself and ascended to heaven with Shaher in order to save the rest of the party.

After the defeat of the fallen angel, Cybil abandoned the order. On a secluded cliff she told Shiven that if he followed her he would be pursued too but he assured her that he would follow her always.

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