Crimson Uhlan is a non-playable class in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. It appears, in both skill-set and appearance, to be a stronger, color-shifted Dragoon. Its description reads, "A knight, mounted and in crimson armor, bearing a spear. Known to hack down their foemen until their bodies are drenched in blood."

Crimson Uhlans appear in the lower levels of the Palace of the Dead.


Originally written Ulan, it meant "Brave Soldier" or "Young Man" in the Turkic Tatar language. A Tatar noble family with the surname Ulan regularly served as light cavalry for Polish kings, and a member of the family commanded the light cavalry for the Polish kings August II and August III. After his death, the unit was nicknamed for him ("Ulan's Children"). The nickname was later shortened, and the word "Uhlan" was incorporated into Polish.

The Uhlan regiment was widely known for their use of lances, which was adopted by many other regiments of light cavalry. The Uhlans were so effective that they became a favorite of Napoleon's, who claimed each Uhlan was worth ten French soldiers. Other nations copied them, creating "Uhlan" regiments (calling them Uhlans or lancers), or simply equipped dragoon regiments with lances.

Uhlans were involved in some of the last real cavalry battles in history, but the trench warfare of World War I rendered them obsolete, and the word "Uhlan" gradually lost its significance. The romance associated with the mounted regiment armed with lances survived a while longer, and certain portions of the German cavalry continued to use lances as late as 1925.

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