The Crest of Fire, also known as Fireseal, or Firecrest, is a special item in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Once owned by the hero Lexor, its power rivals that of the Black Diamond and twelve Zodiac Stones.


Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenEdit

To acquire the Fire Crest (FIRESEAL):

  • Collect the four Wind God Weapons: Boleas, Euros, Notos, Zepyulos, and then revisit the Roshian Temple northwest of Muwanza on the stage Shiguld (Ruined City) to receive the Fire Crest (FIRESEAL).

The secret of this item is in its description, which reads "FIRESEAL". If the player enters this as his name when they start a new game, the secret stage Dragon's Heaven will be playable. Note however, that beating this stage results in one of the game's endings Fortune, and does not lead to the main portion of the game.


PSX Name Fire Crest
SNES Full Name FireSeal
Sell Price 327675 Goth
Stage Found Shiguld (Ruined City)
PSX Description "A symbol of the legendary knight Lexor. A mysterious spell is engraved in it. 'Fireseal'"
SNES Description "What's the name written here? FIRESEAL?."
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