Sprite(s) Cirvante1 Cirvante2
Gender Male
Birthplace Heaven
Race Fallen Angel
Class Dark Angel
Faction(s) The White Fang Troops
"I can't let you interfere with the resurrection of Lord Shaher."
— Cirvante

Cirvante is an enigmatic magician and the twin brother of Lethe in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


The twin brother of Lethe, Cirvante the fallen angel was sent by Shaher to find the whereabouts of one of his broken horns, the black spear Longicolnis. They sought the horn to bring about Shaher's resurrection and the promise of the new world he would create.

Impressing Naris Batraal, and helping him on his quest to find the spear, Cirvante did much folklore research in the libraries of Ostorea and shared his knowledge that the name Longicolnis means "long horn".

When Alphonse Loeher and his battalion reach the southern gates of Ostorea, Lethe and Cirvante berate Nichart Briffaut for his failures and tried to take his place in the castles defense, but he assured them that he could defeat the young knight, so they relented and left him.

In the bowels of Ostorea, Cirvante helped Naris escape the clutches of Alphonse, and retreated with the black spear safely in their possession. On the snowy plains of Harmonia, Cirvante and his sister reveal their true forms, that of daemons, and stall the knight before having to withdraw to the Angel's Headstone.

There, in the presence of their master Shaher, they faced off against Alphonse one last time before being defeated.

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