Sprite(s) Chloeri1 Chloeri2
Gender Female
Birthplace Rana
Race Mermaid
Nationality Ovis
Faction(s) Ovis Mermaids
"It is we who are the soul of the sea. As such, we will eventually become one again with the water and wind."
— Chloeri

Chloeri is the mermaid leader of Rana in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


400 years before the Order of the Sacred Flame landed on Ovis, Chloeri was a soldier fighting against human colonists that sought to claim Ovis for their own. Chloeri disagreed with her leader's mentality that the mermaids should give up on the war and focus on their survival.

When Chloeri returned after a battle to speak to the leader again she was gone, but a beautiful black spear sat in her place. It drew on the power of lightning and thunder and could pierce metal armor. Chloeri used it to start the war anew, giving the mermaids an advantage.

However, the spear was stolen from the Mermaid Sanctuary by Berevra, Chloeri's sister, and given to Lucius Batraal. Without the spear's power, the mermaids could no longer withstand the attacks and so Chloeri and the mermaids had no choice but to retreat to the west, where complicated tides, thick forests and swampy land has protected them ever since. At some point since then, Chloeri became the leader of the mermaids.

When Alphonse Loeher met with Chloeri, she explained the story of the mermaids of Ovis to him and that of the black spear. She also told him to tell her sister that she and the others had forgiven her, and that she was welcome home again.

Alphonse returned later to tell her that he had seen her sister and gave her the message. Chloeri held out hope in the belief that she would see her sister again and gave Alphonse Zephyrus.

Chloeri eventually did see the spirit of her sister again, and together they ascended to heaven.

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