A Chaos Gate is a magical gateway that can transport mortals to the realms of heaven and the underworld. According to Martym Noumous and Barbas Dahd Geuse, chaos gates can be activated from the world of men, but are barred and unusable from the Abyss side.

Chaos Gates in Xytegenia[edit | edit source]

There are many gates scattered around the continent of Xytegenia that lead to the Sky Islands, home to the Three Knights and the Goddess of Justice Fellana. The Xenobian Rebellion used the holy sword Brynhildr to sunder the seals on the Xytegenian Chaos Gates, while Rashidi used the power of the Black Diamond to do the same. The locations of the Chaos Gates found on the continent of Xytegenia are as follows:

There are also two Chaos Gates found on the Sky Islands:

  • Muspelm, which leads to Organa.
  • Organa, which leads to Muspelm.

Chaos Gates in the Valerian Isles[edit | edit source]

There are two Gates known to exist in the isles of Valeria: one lies at the bottom (114th floor) of the Palace of the Dead, while the Hanging Gardens were built on another, in a desert to the north-east of the islands. Brynhildr, and members of the royal bloodline (like Versalia Oberyth), are known keys to the now-unusable gate under the Gardens.

Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria, after the death of his wife and son, opened the Hanging Gardens gate and went through, but his plan to return failed. After the gate was opened by Martym and Barbas, the Gardens collapsed down on the gate, and the gate was destroyed. Warren Omon teleported himself to the gate, saved Denam Morne and his forces by transporting them to safety, and was pulled into the gate just before the collapse.

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