PSX Map Name Castle of Warren
SNES Chapter Name Beginning
SNES Map Name Castle of Warren
SNES Revisit Name The Castle of Warren
Size 2x2 (Small)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Thunder
Boss Warren

The Castle of Warren is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. This stage serves as a tutorial, offering tips on deployment, and beginner's strategy. While there are no enemy units to battle, there is a stationary enemy commander located in Volzak.


Ruled by Warren Omon, the islands northeast of Charlom were the staging grounds for the Xenobian Rebellion.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Felnamia Felnamia
Towns Trade City Daskania
Walled City Zeltenia
Trade City Daskania
Fortress City Zeltenia
Enemy Base Volzak Volzak
Roshian Temples 1
Hidden Towns Zeltenia
Hidden Temples None

Boss UnitEdit

Wizardicon Warren (Wizard) Lvl 4                              

Events During StageEdit

  • Locate the hidden town of Zeltenia to have Lans, a knight of Zenobia join the rebel army.
  • The player can not initiate battle with the enemy commander Warren until all Roshian Temples and towns have been liberated. This includes the hidden town of Zeltenia.
  • Despite what Warren says about testing the strength of the Opinion Leader, it is possible to have Lans defeat Warren and thereby end the stage.

Neutral EncountersEdit

Can only be encountered with the use of a Summoning Chime (CHIME):

Class Griffonicon Cockatrice
Level 8
Found Mountain2 Mountains
Class Blackdragonicon Dragon
Level 8
Found Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Class Wyrmicon Wyrm
Level 8
Found Deepsea2 Deep Sea

Buried TreasureEdit


- Lightning Orb (Str +6, Thunder +17) "An orb which only exists in the middle of a storm".

- Ring of Magic (Str -12, Int +16) "Magical Ring".

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