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Cassandra Obdilord
Cassandra or Moldova.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality Galgastani
Class Necromancer
Faction(s) Kingdom of Galgastan
Alignment Chaotic.png Chaotic
"The dead are much like the living, you see. Some there are with pure hearts, gentle and kind. But there are also ones who hunger to take up the sword once more and ravage the living. Your war has filled the charnel houses to overflowing. There are legions of dead only too glad to strike at you!"
— Cassandra Obdilord

Cassandra Zurbaran, also known as Cassandra Lauya Zurbaran, is a non-playable character exclusive to the PSP version of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

She is the wife of Nybeth Obdilord, and the mother of Moldova and Cressida. She learned the art of necromancy from her husband, using her powers to fight for Galgastan.

Warren Report[]

The Necroprentice Cassandra

Cassandra Obdilord

A Galgastani who once fought for the armies of Galgastan. She was wife to the Necromancer Nybeth. Cassandra also practiced the dark art of necromancy, and together they instructed their daughters Moldova and Cressida in its ways. They believed that necromancy allowed those who died before their time a chance to fulfill their ambitions. Cassandra battled Denam to avenge her daughter Moldova's killing, but was slain.

Nybeth later raised her as a zombie, but she fell in battle with Denam's Order once more, and was finally put to rest.