The Brynhildr is a legendary weapon in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.


Background Edit

The holy sword Brynhildr, known for its power to sunder any seal, is owned by one of the Three Knights, Fenril, and was wielded against the armies of evil during the Ogre Battle. In her disobedience against the gods commandment never to help humanity again, Fenril gave the sword to the mortals so that they could contact the gods if they ever needed them.

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Edit

It was unknown what happened to the sword until King Gran of Xenobia made it one of the Three Mystic Treasures of his kingdom. After the war with the Sacred Xytegenian Empire it was held by Roshfel monks on one of the islands of the Kastolatian Sea. There, Destin received the sword because of his devotion to the cause of the gods. He used the sword to break the seals of the Chaos Gates and freed the Three Knights from the black magic Rashidi had placed on them. After the fall of the Empire, the sword was returned to Xenobia and was restored as one of the Three Mystic Treasures under King Tristan.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Edit

Shortly before the Heim Conflict, the sword was stolen by the Dark Knights Loslorien from the Holy Lodissian Empire and brought to the Valerian Isles for unknown purposes. A group of Xenobian veterans (Lanselot Hamilton, Warren Omon, Canopus Wolph, plus the White Knights Gildas and Mirdyn) were sent on a secret mission to retrieve the sword, under the pretense of being exiles turned sellswords. It was revealed much later that the Dark Knights intended to use Brynhildr to break the seal of the Chaos Gate hidden in the deepest reaches of the Hanging Gardens. Denam and his army confronted and slain the turncoat knights Barbas and Martym, but not before the seal of the Gate was broken and the now-demonic King Dorgalua was freed. Denam and his army put an end to King Dorgalua and returned Brynhildr to the Xenobians; as both Lancelot and Warren were in no conditions to return, it was up to Canopus, Gildas and Mirdyn to return to Xenobia with the sword.


Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Edit

PSX Name Swordicon2 Brunhild
SNES Full Name Brunhild
Effect Strength+20
Element Divine White
Sell Price 175950 Goth
Stage Found Kastolatian Sea
PSX Description "Fenril's holy sword."

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

Name Brynhildr Lv 30
Icon Type/Hand Sword 1H
Range 1 Area 1
Weight 13 RT +38
Damage Type Slashing 12 Affinity Divine Light 15
Racial Bonus Umbra 10 Sell Price N/A
Stat Modifiers ATK 142, HP 15, MP 15, LUCK 10, STR 4, VIT 6, DEX 2, INT 5, MND 3 Skill Bonus Augment Light +1
On Hit Light Averse Debuff Resist Fearproof
Effect Judgement II (1 charge) Class Restriction Warrior, Valkyrie, Knight, Dragoon, Divine Knight, Lord, Ranger, Princess, Paladin, White Knight, Buccaneer, Knight Commander, Hoplite
Found Chapter 4 Story Battle: Rewarded after battle in the Chamber of the Seal (Heart of the Gardens - Hanging Gardens) Description A sword that bridges the heavens and the abyss. This divine blade is said to have the power to sunder any seal.
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