The Brigade of the Radiant Cross was an army established by High Priest Sardian about sixty years prior to the Palatinean Revolution.  Their purpose was to eliminate pagans, reclaim the holy land of Avalon from the Church of Roshfel, and convert the surrounding kingdoms to Lodisism.


Holy War is declared in the name of Filarhh against nations which do not heed Lodis' order to convert.  Under the flag of the Radiant Cross, the symbol of Lord Lodis, the Brigade of the Radiant Cross is sent to purge the infidels and enforce the conversion.

Three campaigns have been undertaken in the past, resulting in the conquest of a large part of the continent of Galicia.  The details of the first campaign are uncertain, while the second campaign resulted in the conquest of Nirdam, and the third was connected to the subjugation of Palatinus.

Originally these campaigns were supported by the clergy's passion to spread the religion, and the pursuit of profit by the nobles and merchants.  But as time went on, they were increasingly supported by the knights themselves, who fought for wealth and honor.

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