The Bolmoccans (alternately spelled Bolmaukans) are a human race that inhabits the kingdom of Nildahme.


The Bolmoccans are a very physically distinctive race.  They are dark-skinned, with long, muscular arms and legs.  Their facial features are well-defined, with large black eyes.

Their determination and unity as a race are strong, and contribute to their legendary ferocity in battle.  They believe, and it is their pride, that they were selected by a god to participate in the Ogre Battle.

The traditional Bolmoccan combat style emphasizes one's physical body, rather than the use of swords and shields.  They tend to fight in light or no armor, and wielding claws as their only weapons.


It is said that they originally lived on a continent south of Xytegenia, but were led by a god who was impressed with their excellent combat skills, who brought them across the ocean to land on the shores of Galicia.  At the end of the Ogre Battle, they settled in the area along the Sea of Rai.

They founded the kingdom of Nildahme about a thousand years before the events of the games in the Ogre Battle Saga.  Prior to the events of the games, however, their kingdom was invaded and conquered by Lodis, and they were forced into a lifestyle of servitude and labor.

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