Blood Gavial is a non-playable race in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. They are described as "a variety of lizardman with blood-red skin. Its violence is remarkable, even toward its own kind." These lizardman variants always have "Blood Gavial" as a class and are typically found in the lower levels of the Palace of the Dead. They cannot be recruited.

In the original game, they are capable of using magic. In the remake, they no longer use magic but can use skills from the Hoplite and Juggernaut classes. They also drop Hoplite class marks and possess similar stats to the class. 


"Gavial" is an alternate name for the "Gharial," a critically-endangered, very large Indian crocodilian. Blood Gavials are described as humanoid crocodiles in the original version of the game.

Blood likely refers to their red color colorscheme.

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