Berthism, or Berthanism, is the organized worship of the earth goddess Berthe, a religion which is particularly influential in the Kingdom of Palatinus.


"Be joyful in the birth of new life, give thanks for the blessings of the earth, fear not the arrival of death, and have hope for rebirth."  These words of Berthe have become its doctrine, and the believers practice it in their everyday lives.

Holy SitesEdit

The worship of Berthe is centered in the city of Celesis, in the eastern region of Capitrium.

The Tremos Mountains are known to be where Berthe descended to the netherworld to save her daughter Danika, and later returned to the heavens.  The ancient king built the Temple of Berthe for her return, but since the time of The Progenitor it has been off-limits, and its whereabouts revealed only to the archbishops.

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