Bernard Lasanti, the former Duke of Felis, is a character featured in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. He's the father of Rictor Lasanti and General of the Order of the Sacred Flame.

In the year 217, Bernard was sent to Ovis as an ambassador of the Holy Lodissian Empire to negotiate a treaty of surrender from the Lord of Rananculus, William Batraal. It was there that William told him of the Longicolnis, the Sacred Spear of legend. Unbeknown to either Bernard's young son Rictor, along with William's daughter Malicia, had found the Sacred Spear in the form of a mysterious shard, but promptly lost in inside the Ostorea Castle's catacombs.

In the year 232, Bernard sent Rictor, the latter's friend Alphonse Loeher, and the Order of the Sacred Flame to Ovis on the guise of a diplomatic mission to investigate strange activity from Rananculus. The true purpose of the mission was to obtain the Longicolnis in secret.

However, Rictor knew of his father's plan, and intended to use the Longicolnis himself to bring theocratic order to Lodis. Like his father, he suffered for his overconfidence, and after a series of events Rictor became possessed by the fallen angel Shaher, and mercifully slain by Alphonse. Later, Alphonse killed Naris Batraal, obtained the Longicolnis, and defeated Shaher.

Hearing of his son's death, Bernard ordered the arrest of Alphonse, possibly aware that the boy had the Longicolnis with him. With some help from locals and the Hand of the Pope, Alphonse escaped to Lodis, meet the Pope Sardian, and pledged his allegiance to him.

Some time later, Bernard's plots were revealed to the Lodis Empire, he was striped of his titles and had his lands confiscated. Presumably, the Order of the Sacred Flame was disbanded as well. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.

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