Sprite(s) Berevra1 Berevra2
Gender Female
Birthplace Rana
Race Mermaid
Nationality Ovis
Faction(s) Ovis Mermaids
"For the last few hundred years, I have lived here alone."
— Berevra

Berevra is a mermaid in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


The sister of the Chloeri, Berevra, the mermaid with golden scales, abandoned her fellow mermaids 400 years before the arrival of Order of the Sacred Flame on Ovis. She fell in love with a human and took the spear Longiculnis to try and end the war. When her lover Lucius Batraal died she took the spear and wandered the eastern seas searching for a way to repent for her betrayal.

On a beach near the burning town of Blete, she found the baby Eleanor Olato, whom she took to Sotavento and gave to a couple to care for as their own. She watched after the child for years and gave her the Pearl Necklace. However, she was sad to tell the young girl that she could not see her anymore because of volcanic activity on the seafloor was worsening. Before she left she said she would be residing in a cavern below the cliffs of the Aquila Volcano. In a shrine north of the cavern she hid the spear.

When she met Alphonse Loeher she told him of the spear and warned him not to abuse its power. Before Alphonse left he told her that she was welcome back in Rana, to live again with her sister and the other mermaids.

At an unknown time later she returned in spirit within the halls of the Mermaid Sanctuary and reunited with her sister before both of them passed on.

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