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PSX Map Name Balmorian Ruins
SNES Chapter Name The Wizard
SNES Map Name Balmorian Ruins
SNES Revisit Name The Balmorian Ruins
Size 3x4 (Medium)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Thunder
Boss Albeleo

Balmorian Ruins is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. The region is governed by the youthful enchanter Albeleo.


Long ago, Balmoria was a rich kingdom known as the Deneuve Kingdom, but eventually it became nothing more than a barren land full of decaying ruins. Much later, the wizard Saradin led of the peoples of Balmoria, until his fellow pupil Albeleo turned him to stone for accusing their master Rashidi of evil. Loved and cherished by his people even after his apparent death, the sculptor Balkas erected several statues imitating the form of Saradin and placed them in towns and temples across the Balmorian region. Sometime after Saradin was turned to stone, Albeleo took control of the region himself and awaited the advance of the Xenobian Rebellion.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Allelta Allelta
Towns Trade City Ayak Cho
Trade City Chinnchalta
Walled City Kalyao
Walled City Kannyate
Free City Kolopuhn
Industrial City Sahnfan
Self-Ruled City Sel'Pasch
Trade City Shik'Ahny
Trade City Vaskallah
Self-Ruled City Wallas
Industrial City Wan Kayo
Trade City Ayakcho
Trade City Chinncha
Fortress City Kalyao
Fortress City Kannyate
Freedom City Kolopuhn
Industry City Sahnfan
Independent City Selpasco
Trade City Shik'Ahn
Trade City Vaskalla
Independent City Wallas
Industry City Wan Kayo
Enemy Base Balmoa Balmoa
Roshian Temples 3
Hidden Towns Kalyao
Hidden Temples None


Trade City Shik'Ahny (SNES) / Shik'Ahn (PSX)
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Potion CURE 400 Goth
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Cure Anhk ALL HEAL 2000 Goth
Dinner Bell BELL 2000 Goth
Ethereal Flute REVIVE 2000 Goth

Enemy Units[]

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Griffonicon.png Griffon Lvl 13   Golemicon.png Golem Lvl 13
    Wizardicon.png Mage (Leader) Lvl 14  
      Golemicon.png Golem Lvl 13
  Griffonicon.png Griffon Lvl 13    
Hawkmanicon.png Eagle Man (Leader) Lvl 13      
Deployed 3 3
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit   Samuraiicon.png Samurai Lvl 13 Houndicon.png Cerberos Lvl 14  
Samuraiicon.png Samurai (Leader) Lvl 14      
    Beastmanicon.png Beast Master (Leader) Lvl 15  
  Golemicon.png Golem Lvl 12    
Samuraiicon.png Samurai Lvl 13   Houndicon.png Cerberos Lvl 14  
Deployed 3 3
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit   Knighticon.png Knight Lvl 12 Mermaidicon.png Mermaid Lvl 13  
Blackdragonicon.png Red Dragon Lvl 12     Mermaidicon.png Nixie Lvl 12
    Mermaidicon.png Nixie (Leader) Lvl 13  
  Knighticon.png Knight Lvl 12   Mermaidicon.png Nixie Lvl 12
Knighticon.png Knight (Leader) Lvl 14   Mermaidicon.png Mermaid Lvl 13  
Deployed 2 2
Unit Seven Unit Eight
Unit   Witchicon.png Witch Lvl 13    
Clericicon.png Shaman Lvl 12     Blackdragonicon.png Dragon Lvl 13
  Clericicon.png Shaman Lvl 12 Dragontamericon.png Dragoner (Leader) Lvl 13  
Witchicon.png Witch (Leader) Lvl 14     Blackdragonicon.png Dragon Lvl 13
  Witchicon.png Witch Lvl 13    
Deployed 2 2
Unit Nine

  Skeletonicon.png Skeleton Lvl 15
Skeletonicon.png Skeleton Lvl 15  
  Skeletonicon.png Skeleton Lvl 15
Beastmanicon.png Beast Tamer (Leader) Lvl 15  
  Skeletonicon.png Skeleton Lvl 15
Deployed 3

Boss Unit[]

Unit   Golemicon.png Stone Golem Lvl 15
Dollmageicon.png Albeleo (Enchanter) (Leader) Lvl 17                                            
  Blackdragonicon.png Black Dragon Lvl 14
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers.
If Saradin is in a unit that comes into contact with the boss:
Albeleo Well now, if it isn’t Saradin. I knew we’d meet again.
Saradin So you’ve reincarnated again, you arrogant old fool.
Albeleo Ha, ha, ha! Speak like that and you’ll make your master angry! Wake up and admit the power of the Dark! You above all could master it!
Saradin To what end?! What’s to be had on the fringes of magic?
Albeleo Ultimate power! We can surpass the gods themselves!
Saradin But for that you will destroy the people! Destroy the Earth!
Albeleo I am now immortal. No one can stop me!
Saradin ...Wrong! You will follow me into eternal sleep!

Events During Stage[]

  • To recruit the special character Saradin follow these steps:
    • Liberate Wan Kayo to hear the rumor that the Bell of Light (BELL) resides in Kalyao.
    • Liberate the town of Kalyao with the Star of Heroes (HEROSTAR) in the player's inventory to receive the Bell of Light (BELL).
    • Liberate the Roshian Temple west of the town Kannyate to find Saradin's petrified body. Use the Bell of Light (BELL) to revive him. Saradin will ask to join. An answer of "Yes" will allow him to join, while an answer of "No" results in a decrease in reputation.
  • If a unit containing Saradin comes into contact with the enemy commander Albeleo, they will share special dialogue.
  • Explore the area southeast of Wan Kayo, with the Brunhild in the player's inventory, to find a Chaos Gate to Organa. This can be done during the stage, or after its completion.

Events After Stage[]

Neutral Encounters[]

Class Blackdragonicon.png Black Dragon
Level 10
Found Forest2.png Forest
Class Golemicon.png Stone Golem
Level 10
Found Barrens2.png Barrens
Class Skeletonicon.png Wraith
Level 15
Found Swamp2.png Swamp

Buried Treasure[]

A red X marks the location of each buried treasure.


  • Most of the cities of the Balmorian Ruins are named after important cities of Peru:
Ayak Cho = Ayacucho
Chinnchalta = Chincha Alta
Kalyao = Callao (The main harbor of Peru)
Kannyate = Cañete
Sahnfan = San Juan
Sel'Pasch = Cerro De Pasco
Wan Kayo = Huancayo
Wallas = Huaylas
Kolopuhn = Coropuna (The largest and highest volcano in Peru)
Shik'Ahny = Sicuani
Allelta = Alerta
Vaskallah and Balmoa are the only unrelated names to Peru.