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The Bakram are an ethnic group featured in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. They are one of the major clans that make up the population of the Valerian Isles.

During Valeria's period of unification, the Bakram comprised much of the ruling class and aristocracy. They populate the northern span of the Isles, including the Valerian royal capital of Heim.

In the succession crisis following the sudden disappearance of King Dorgalua, Brantyn Morne established the Bakram-Valerian Kingdom. Though fewer in number than the Galgastani clan, they compensate for their military deficit by pledging allegiance to the powerful Holy Lodissian Empire. They also benefit from strong ties to the Order of Philaha, Valeria's largest religious order.

Support for Brantyn's regime amongst the Bakram is mixed, with several defecting to the revolutionary Valerian Liberation Front.

Notable Bakram[]

  • Brantyn Morne - Regent, and acting ruler of the Bakram-Valerian Kingdom.
  • Denam Morne - Leader of the Walister Resistance.
  • Prancet Morne - Abuna of the Order of Philaha, and father to Denam and Catiua.
  • Versalia Oberyth - Daughter of the Dynast-King, and heir to Valeria's throne.
  • Mreuva Phoraena - Former Archiereus of the Order of Philaha, and advisor to the Walister Resistance.
  • The Phoraena sisters, Cerya, Sherri, Cistina, and Olyvia. They have drifted apart, separately joining the Valerian Liberation Front, the Bakram-Valerian Kingdom army, and the Order of Philaha.
  • Folcurt Reeda Lynde and Bayin Rosen Orne - High-profile Bakram defectors to the Valerian Liberation Front. They later left over ideological differences, eventually joining the Walister Resistance.

Historical Bakram Figures[]