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Sprite(s) Babaloa1
Gender Female
Race Human
"I am the Great Witch Babaloa!"
— Babaloa

Babaloa, also known as The Great Witch Babloa, is an informative witch in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Babaloa was a hundred and seventy two years old when she met the rebels in Anatoll. There, she told Destin Faroda of the five kingdoms that existed before the Empire and the Former Xenobian Kingdom, which were Xenobia, Charlom, Horai, Ofays and Hyland. She also spoke of how the "Five Heroes" Roshfel, Gran, Dalkas, Lavian and Rashidi united the warring kingdoms and brought peace to Xytegenia. She was also said to have visited the Sky Islands once with her sister Mango.

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