The Aurics are one of the human races of Palatinus, historically a peaceful tribe of farmers and ranchers.


In ancient times, the Aurics inhabited the central and western regions of Palatinus, a fertile plain called the Heartlands.  Since they are often mentioned in the legends of the goddess Berthe, they are referred to as the people cherished by Berthe.  They prayed to Berthe, giving thanks for their daily lives and asking for fruitfulness and abundance in their peaceful lives.

This simple existence ended with the arrival of the nomadic Indigans from the west, who defeated the Aurics in battle and conquered the Heartlands.  Driven from their land, the outcast Aurics were forced to live in the harsh environment of the eastern mountain range, until a hero named Virago arose to defeat the Indigans and reclaim the land.

After the founding of the Kingdom of Palatinus, many Aurics became members of the nobility, and as a result their conservative nature has faded over the years.

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