Auction is a non-combat feature in both versions of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, with slight differences in each.

In most General Shops, the player can 'Auction' a L-size unit (Beasts, Dragons, Golems) for money and the chance of obtaining a rare, valuable item. Doing so kills off the sacrificed unit permanently, without chance of revival, either as undeads or normal units.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PS) Edit

Class Min. Level Location Unlockable
Red Dragon Lv.15 Coritani Castle LUCT Fire Sword IconFIRE
Firedrake Sword
Red Dragon Lv.15 Krizar SPARK
Sparkguard Boots
Blue Dragon Lv.15 Fiduc Castle LUCT Blue Claw IconBLUE
Cyanic Claw
Earth Dragon Lv.15 William LUCT Earth Axe IconEARTH
Earth Dragon Axe
Thunder Dragon Lv.15 Grimby NEST
Dragon's Nest
Black Dragon Lv.15 Banisha Castle LUCT Dragon Staff IconDRAGON
Dragon Staff
Tiamat Lv.20 Brigantes Castle LUCT Dragon Sword IconDRAGON
Holy Dragon Lv.20 Ashton DRAGON
Dragon Shield
Holy Dragon Lv.20 Baramus DRAGON
Dragon Armor
Holy Dragon Lv.20 Rime DRAGON
Dragon Helmet
Octopus Lv.10 Grimby OBELON
Oberon's Tear
Cockatrice Lv.20 Amorika Castle WING
Wing Ring
Any Dragon Lv.20 Heigm Castle STEAK
Gryphon Lv.20 Heigm Castle CHICKEN
Cockatrice Lv.20 Heigm Castle BURGER
Octopus Lv.20 Heigm Castle OCTOBALL
Golem Lv.20 Heigm Castle ESCAPE
Escape Jewel
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